Working Space

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Adjustable Racking

Adjustable racking systems are based on moveable pallets (instead of fixed shelves) that maximize every inch of your vertical storage space. Essentially, you are not moving pallets on to and off of fixed shelves, you are moving the entire shelf when you move the pallet. Pallets positions can be continually adjusted to meet changing storage needs. By doing so, wasted vertical space can be eliminated and much higher storage density achieved. We refer to this as “squeezing the air” out of the system.

Adjustable rack systems can be serviced by a conventional forklift, or by a captive lifting and handling device that facilitates retrieval without the need for a forklift. In this scenario, a single operator can manage loads up to 4,000 pounds, raising or lowering them from heights as great as 18+ feet using an integrated mast and fork mechanism!


The ARS is serviced using a fork lift.

The ARS Adjustable Rack System –  Serviced by a fork lift  – Up to 16′ high and 25,000 pound capacity per section.









The STAK system utilizes a captive mast and forks to move loads

The STAK system – Uses a captive lifting and handling device – Up to 18′ high and can handle up to 4,000 pounds on a single pallet.