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Akro-Mils Organization Products

We continue to be impressed with the rate of product development at Akro-Mils. In particular, Akro leads the way in products that support activities promoted by 5S and Lean methodologies. For example, Indicator Bins enable effective inventory control at a glance! Akro-Mils’ two-toned Indicator Bin is a single bin Kanban system featuring a bright trigger side that indicates low inventory and prevents stock-outs an assembly line interruptions. Never run out of inventory!

Another great product for the modern “Visual” facility are Akro’s “Clear Products” that enable you to see at a glance the contents of a bin or tote, even from a distance. Clear bins, totes and containers may be hung on rail, stacked or placed on a shelf. A variety of material handling solutions promote organizational agility and adaptability to new work flows, changing methods and evolving inventories. Akro is a great source for material handling products from carts and platform trucks to portable work centers. To download Akro’s booklet on how to increase efficiency and organization with Akro-Mils and 5S Lean, just click here.