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An Epoxy Floor with a LIFETIME Warranty


Roll On Rock Floor 5

Meet Roll On Rock – a product that revolutionized the garage floor coating industry in 1999 by introducing a proprietary epoxy that wicks deep into the concrete, creating a bond that is three times stronger than other systems. In fact, this unique system will withstand at least 8 pounds of Moisture Vapor Emissions  (MVE) while others fail at 3 pounds. The clear top coats will not yellow and are truly Hot Tire Resistant – a claim other products can’t live up to. Trust us – the first floor that we installed in 2006 looks like new. Roll On Rock is professionally installed in two days. Your products are unique and we document the serial numbers on each item we use. First the epoxy is applied on bare concrete that is swept clean, no etching necessary, then the flake chips in your selected color combination and flake size are broadcast and rest for the night. The next day the excess is scraped and multiple top coats applied. You can walk on the floor in two days and drive on it on the third. Working Space documents the installation process with photographs to demonstrate that the correct procedures were followed and Roll On Rock issues a Certificate of Lifetime Warranty.  And we back up our workmanship for life as well.  Roll On Rock can be installed on a previously painted floor, however the existing product needs to be completely removed first.  Available in a wide range of colors combinations – solids colors as well – so you are sure to find a look that suits you!

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