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Arlink Series 7000 – The Swiss Army Knife of Work Benches

VSI S7000 S8000S7000Our most recent installation of Arlink Series 7000 benches by Lista International was in a Bio-Pharm lab. These benches are the “Swiss army knife” of benches. These versatile benches can go from a basic 4 legged bench a to full blown workstation.

Benches can be equipped with adjustable height legs, multiple choices of  work surfaces and riser shelves, 12 different hanging drawer cabinets, and a wide range of above worksurface task accessories.  Available in two standard heights of 30″ and 36″ and two standard depths, also 30″ and 36″. There are a total of twelve bench top sizes to choose from.

They are available in 4 standard colors. The only 4 leg work bench you’ll ever need.