Working Space

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Assembly Workstations


Modules available in 5 standard widths and 3 standard column heights; single or double sided


Assembly Workstations need to be easy reconfigurable and feature-rich with available task accessories that support the work to be done.  Workstations should be easily adaptable to new or changing tasks, materials management and ergonomically sound.


S8000 Layout Options

A variety of layouts are achievable using a minimum number common standard components

Maximizing the use of space on the plant floor and effectively using the vertical space available at the workstation requires a selection of footprints and task accessory system to maximize productivity in the available space.  The principles of Lean Manufacturing and 5S programs should be  supported by the workstation design.  High mix, low volume builds are often typical in manual assembly environments and the ability to rapidly set up and changeover assembly lines for new job builds is important to competitiveness.


Pre-configured double sided starter module

The Lista-Arlink Series 8000 Adaptable Workstation System is an effective production tool that is both cost and space effective. It is characterized by a rapid ROI and is quickly and easily set up and reconfigured.  Workstations can be assembled and modified with minimal tools and hardware.  The majority of system components use a “hook and latch” system to interconnect so making changes to accommodate the assemblers physical characteristics or a new or redefined task.

The high strength 2 piece steel columns are manufactured of roll formed 14ga. CRS steel and projection welded together to form a unique dual slot arrangement for the insertion of work surfaces and other accessories on both sides of the column.  The systems specifications are impressive.  For higher volume applications, conveyors can easily be integrated in to the system.  Workstations use a “Starter and Adder” design to enable many layout possibilities in both single sided and double sided applications.


Mobile work cells enable organizational agility and rapid changes to production flow whenever needed.

Storage and task accessories are abundant and easily attached to the system columns in the Micro and Macro slots and adjustable vertically in 1″ increments.  Pivoting accessories allow tools and materials to be moved within arms reach when needed and out of the work envelope when not. A variety of task light options insure proper lighting for the job.  Work surface choices in both size and material are selected based on the material being processed used at the workstation.  Mobile options allow for entire assembly lines as well as individual workstations to be easily moved for cleaning or relocated within the factory.

See more examples of the tremendous versatility of this remarkable workstation system in the six photo galleries  available.   Contact us to develop a system design and budgetary proposal for your application.


Task and storage accessories easily attach and are rearranged at will to tailor each station to the worker and the job

Production Line3

Conveyors of various types can be integrated into the system for larger products or production runs


Snap-in column trim hides wires and can also be used as a means to color code workstations