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Attic Storage


I’m really not into this..


Just three more trips …

Is the only access to your attic via one of those rickety pull down stair units?  Have you ever worried about falling off as you push a box up ahead of you?  Then, when you get there, climbing into the attic becomes a challenge unto itself if there is no railing to grab on to. Or perhaps you have to walk through the house, up a flight or two of stairs and maybe through a closet to get to your attic?  That can be a pretty long route to get to a space, vertically speaking, that may only be 10 feet or so from where you are standing with the items you want to move up there. And then, how many trips does it take for you to move all your items into attic storage?



Up to 250 pound capacity. Load it up!

Consider the safety and convenience of a Versa-Lift attic storage system.  Available in two different sizes with up to a 250 pound capacity , this system will not only make it safe and easy to move items to an upper floor, it will encourage you to better utilize the attic space you have.  When it’s this safe and easy to move your items up and down between floors, you’ll be inclined to do it more often and with more items. Safety aside, think of all the space that can be freed up in your garage or home once those seasonal items, luggage, family heirlooms books and records and more can be lifted up and out of your way.


Versa Lift with Remote Inset

Wireless remote, corded remote, or in wall switch available.

Once the lift reaches the attic, you can then climb those stairs using both hands and without the burden of carrying anything.   But wait… you get to the top of the stairs, and there’s nothing to grab onto.  So you flop yourself off the ladder on to the floor and flounder around a little until you can get on your feet.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there were dual grab rails that helped you climb into the attic and provided additional safety around the attic stair opening to guard against falls?  Consider Versa-Rail  an adjustable rail and guard that will ease both entry and exit from your attic via the stairs.  Taken together, these two products will transform the way you use your attic and will provide you with confidence and peace of mind knowing your safety has been all but assured.



Now that was a LOT easier!