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Home Improvement

Redline Powder Coated Cabinetry work throughout your home!

Not just for the garage, our Redline Powder Coated cabinets work in many areas of the home like for this Makeup Station and storage drawers.

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The best garage floor you can buy…

Imagine having a beautiful, new epoxy garage floor installed in two days and driving on it on the third day. That can be a reality with Roll on Rock revolutionary garage floor epoxy systems. With more than 40,000,000 square feet sold you can rest assured that you are buying a premium garage floor

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Custom Garage Storage is Top 10 Most Wanted Feature

The 2015 National Association Of Home Builders survey finds that Custom Garage Storage is on homeowners top 10 list of Most Wanted Features in their homes. Call us at 252-633-3268 for your no obligation design review today! 4 Types Of Custom Storage That Boost Home Values We can also help with your closets,

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You can use your garage screen all year round!

Enjoy the benefits of a Lifestyle Garage Door Screen in both summer and winter when you add a clear vinyl winter cover. You can use your garage screen all year round! Easily adapts your lifestyle screen for winter use. Just because it’s getting cooler doesn’t mean you need to close the door on

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Murphy Beds Free Up Space In Small Or Under Utilized Rooms

According to Wikipedia, “The Murphy Bed is named for  William Lawrence Murphy (1876–1959), who applied for his first patents around 1900. According to legend, he was wooing an opera singer, but living in a one-room apartment in  San Francisco, and the moral code of the time frowned upon a woman entering a man’s bedroom.

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