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Engine and Vehicle Service

It is often said that the sales department gets credited for the first sale to a customer, but that service is responsible for all the rest.  A customers impression of a service facility goes beyond the obvious questions of whether the work was doneacton-thumb correctly, at a fair price and on time.  Customers expect service departments to be well organized, clean and equipped to perform the work efficiently and professionally.  We have the products designed for use in todays modern service facilities.  Lista International Automotive Service Products enjoy success in automotive dealerships and service centers nation wide.


workbench-solutions-top-2Likewise, vehicle manufacturers are asking their dealerships to upgrade their facilities and many times this includes the service department. In dealership redesigns, the service department is often made to be more a part of the customer experience with visibility into the operation as part of the facility plan.  In addition to service bays that function efficiently, aesthetics play an increasing role in equipment selection where corporate color schemes may need to be applied to equipment as well as to the facility itself. With ListaWorks free design services, we will work with you to execute a presentation quality design plan for your service department, provide a proposal to include installation services if need be, and may provide you with demo product for evaluation by your team.


Non-dealership, independent repair facilities, small or large, also benefit from improved working conditions.  When customers depend on having their vehicles day in and day out, and with combo-cab-2labor rates as high as they are in the industry, efficient tool storage and retrieval is essential in order to complete repairs in the expected time.  No customer wants to watch a service tech wasting time trying to find a tool.  Every tool must have its purpose and its place, and be easily found when needed and stored in the same place when not.  Specialty brand or vehicle specific tools are increasingly common as well.  Storage systems need to be able to accommodate the tools used today as well as the tools that may be introduced in the future.


drawer-interior-topHaving organized and efficient service bays is only part of the service solution.  Service technicians must be able to depend on the parts department to quickly and accurately provide the items needed to complete the work.  Parts department managers are pressured to maintain inventory levels at the lowest cost possible but not to sacrifice service efficiency.  This challenge can be better met with parts storage and organization systems that store more product in less space and make it easier to access the inventory for purposes of accuracy, visibility and stocking.  Many service departments can significantly reduce the space needed for parts inventories while improving all aspects of its management using modular, high density storage systems.  Issue counters themselves can be improved for use both as storage for frequently needed items and also as workstations to process transactions and work orders.
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Carts are an essential part of any service department for transporting tools and parts to the point of use or acting as a mobile workstation around the vehicle.  Carts and safety cabinets from JAMCO are all welded and available in hundred of sizes and configurations.  An array of standard paint colors or stainless steel models will integrate with the other colors of your service equipment or facility.  Simple carts with “garages” to park them in are also available as a component of a service bay workstation.