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Garage Shelves, Garage Cabinets and Storage, Epoxy Flooring and More

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Redline Garage Gear features unique powder coated wood cabinetry with a lifetime warranty.

It’s time that the garage received the same respect as the other rooms in your house.  After all, according to the National Association of Home Builders, the typical two car garage accounts for almost 20% of the space in today’s average home!  Yet typically, the largest room in the house is often the most poorly utilized, under appreciated and least attractive, while often seen by more people than any other room in your home.  Upgrading your garage can be the easiest, lowest cost way to add space for storage, activities and even entertaining.  House values increase, as does your enjoyment, when the garage receives the same care in planning and design as the rest of your home.

How to Get Started

People often ask us how to get started with a garage makeover. Where do they start, what will it cost, how long will it take? One of the great things about creating a custom garage environment is that it can be done in stages over time with each step making a dramatic improvement in space utilization, aesthetics and general organization.

Here’s our suggestions for how to turn the largest room in your home into one of the most useful:


Wasted overhead space is the first place to look for more storage area.

1.) Overhead Garage Shelves, Garage Cabinets and Garage Storage  – If you have the head room, overhead storage racks or deep, heavy duty shelves will allow you to get much of your large, bulky items out of your way. Think coolers, holiday decorations, seasonal sporting equipment, and the like. With this first step, you’ll free up a great deal of space on the floor.  Overhead racks provide a variety of size options. Perimeter shelving using our Heavy Duty Grid Shelves are easy to access and don’t clutter the open space in the middle of your garage.  For the most in convenience and safety, Motorized Lifts come in a variety of sizes and lower to you with the touch of a button.

HD Grid Shelves On Outside Walls



Motorized Platforms are convenient and easy to use.





2.) Wall Organization and Shelving Systems – A must have in every garage, a wall organization system will allow you to get the bulk of your remaining items up on the wall or on open shelving where you can organize them, see them and find them: lawn and garden tools, folding chairs, fishing gear, golf equipment and anything else you have can typically be hung on the wall.

Wall Organizer System

Quick change accessories allow you to redesign your wall organization any time you want to as your interests and “stuff” change over time.  Wall organization systems can be very attractive, hi strength, and easy to keep clean.  Check out StoreWALL panels and accessories, and Freedom Rail Garage, a versatile shelving and organizing accessory system.

Specialty cabinets include this parts bin organizer

3.) Workbenches and/or Cabinets – Everyone needs at least a little workspace in the garage for handling those home repairs, and if you have hobbies that require a more sophisticated work space, many options are available including commercial grade workbench and storage products. For those who like to “hide”their belongings, specialty garage cabinets are designed to accommodate larger items and are constructed to stand up to the rigors of the garage environment.  Redline Garage Gear offers over 500 cabinet sizes in 14 powder coat colors. (Working Space is the exclusive Redline authorized agent for the Coastal Carolinas.)  The Freedom Rail System by Organized Living  features epoxy coated steel components and furniture grade melamine cabinetry.  All welded steel garage cabinets by Contur Cabinets combine contemporary European styling with innovative mechanical design.


Not all epoxy floors are the same. Compare a Roll-On-Rock floor with others and you’ll be convinced.

4.) Decorative, Durable Epoxy Floors – A beautiful garage floor is a real treat. Stunning to look, easy to clean, and protective of your concrete, we can suggest a Roll-On-Rock floor system that makes the most sense for you. Our floors resist all common chemicals, vehicle fluids, and other products typically found (and spilled) in the garage. Unlike many epoxies, it will not lift under hot tires. Many colors and styles to choose from.


There are a number of ways to install retractable screens on garage doors to help make better use of the large space day and night.

5.) Retractable Screens – If you spend time in your garage, or would like to spend more, installing a retractable garage screen for your overhead door greatly increases comfort and privacy. Keep bugs, debris and rodents out while letting the air flow in. Screens also provide a good measure of sun control helping keep the garage cooler in the summer months.  Retractable screens are not limited to just the garage and are available in both manual and motorized versions and in a variety of colors and screen types.  We offer retractable screen and shade systems from several leaders in the field including Rainier Shade Systems ,  Stoett Retractable Screens,  Lifestyle Screens, and Garage-Aire.  With our wide range of retractable screen options, you are sure to find one that meets your requirements and budget.