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Hobby and Craft

freedomrail_white_hobby-room_fabric-organizing855554F16D7D It seems like everyone is getting craftier these days!  The craft industry is exploding as evidenced by the number of major stores that cater to the crafting community.  Hobbies, in general, can be great fun but often require space where projects can be spread out and left out, undisturbed.  The workspace and storage industry has developed designs and accessories specifically for todays hobbyists and crafters. Start with a work space that suits your activities and then add what you need to tailor that space to your exact needs.


Unused wall space in a craft room can be covered with slot wall panels that make it easy to hang and organize tools, or for displaying your latest creation.storewall-5-32 5-48 No end cap-5x4-300dpiScissors-and-Ribbon       A handy place to store supplies can also be on the back of a door.


61042dcca837a68319a33ff0000078d61Our Over-The-Door kits make it easy to turn any door into an efficient storage space by accessorizing with hooks, baskets, can holders and more. Organizing craft supplies can be a challenge, especially if more than one person is sharing the craft area. To keep supplies and materials separated and easy to find, consider using stackable and hanging bins and totes, portable organizers, or small organizing cabinets such as those available from Akro-Mils.


Larger plastic bins may be called for to pack up entire projects or bulkier materials.  These can also be stored on slot wall using specialty brackets and easily labeled. bin-grid Our high strength PVC organizing panels will hold just about any load you can throw at them.


hobbyroom5What defines a hobby can be far reaching.  Perhaps you are an avid wood worker, car enthusiast or large scale modeler. In that case, you may require storage cabinets and workbenches that will accommodate large or heavy tools, fixtures, supplies and materials.  We have you covered with Specialty Solutions that utilize commercial grade cabinets, workbenches and other storage and task accessories. In all cases, we can design, supply and install the bobby or craft space of your dreams.  We’ll work with you to take your needs and wants and turn them into a highly functional and attractive space for you to pursue whatever your passion is.freedomrail_white_hobby