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Laundry and Mud Rooms

Laundry and Mud Rooms may be separate spaces or one in the same.  Like any other work space (yes, laundry is work for most of us) having a well organized and flexible space that will accommodate laundry supplies, linens or items like hangers and ironing boards.  Your Laundry or Mud Room may also serve as a place where you feed your pets and keep those supplies.  Those are plenty of reasons to make sure that your storage solution can adapt to your lifestyle and how you utilize that space in your home.

Contur Alpine White Lifestyle Image

Stylish and functional, these all metal cabinets from Contur Cabinets provide a touch of European flair in seven different finishes

These spaces lend themselves to using a variety of approaches to storage.   Cabinets may be complemented with adjustable shelving to hold linens and baskets.  Some of the most stylish and durable cabinets we’ve see are from Contur Cabinets.    They have some unique features such as the gently contured drawers with matching surfaces, aerospace-inspired swing-up contoured door which swings upwards and out of the way, full-face handle-less doors and drawers that deliver an aesthetically-pleasing contoured design and integrated finger-pulls for effort-free opening of doors while drawers glide open with a gentle push-to-open/push-to-close mechanism.

Redline cabinets  are also a great fit for a laundry room.  With their powder coat finish (available in 11 colors) and over 500 cabinet variations, customizing these cabinets to fit any space is never a problem. Choose from a wide variety of surfaces including butcher block, urethane, laminates and more.


Easy Customization For Any Space With Redline Cabinetry

Easy Customization For Any Space With Redline Cabinetry


Reveal accessories from Organized Living pull out to allow easy access to stored items. Particularly useful at lower heights eliminating the need to kneel down to access shelf contents.

In the case of a Mud Room, shoe and boot storage an be accomplished using shelves and pull out accessories to provide convenient access and easy storage.  Adjustable shelving from Organized Living is combined with Reveal accessories that slide out to provide complete access to the contents of baskets, hampers shoe shelves and more.

Laundry Full Wall_001 SMALL

StoreWALL organizing panels are as attractive as they are functional. 100% PVC panels will accept hundreds of accessories from a range of manufacturers.


Where there is wall space not suitable for shelves or cabinets, consider on wall organizing panels from StoreWALLThese panels allow you to easily arrange and re-arrange items that store well on a wall.  The panels are 100% PVC so they are tough as nails, impervious to water or other fluids and available in 5 designer colors.  These 15″ tall panels secure to the wall using a hidden fastener system and can be stacked using the tongue-in-groove edges to provide a seamless look.


This linen nook from Organized Living combines ventilated shelving with laminate shelves and pull out baskets to create an attractive and functional storage space.

If your Laundry Room also doubles as your Linen Closet, you’ll want to consider how to best store them.  They can be on open shelving or in cabinets behind doors.  Keeping linens visible is often an advantage as it is easy to spot those special towels or sheets you want without having to open and close doors and look inside a dark cabinet where nuances in colors or light patterns may not be obvious.

Pet Center 2 HD

Your pets will appreciate their own special space for all their stuff, too! Organize your pet area any way that you need to using StoreWALL panels and accessories.

Laundry rooms often also double as pet centers, a place to feed your pets and keep their supplies.   That’s another nice application for StoreWALL organizing panels where you can hang pet dishes right on the wall as well as leashes, toys, medications and other  accessories.  The panels clean up so easily you won’t mind if your pet gets a little too enthusiastic over its dinner.