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Material Handling Products

Material handling is a critical link in the chain to make your facility run smoothly.  Many material handling products have become highly specialized to accomplish a limited range of tasks, but do so with greater safety and efficiency than ever before.  Working Space provides material handling equipment with an emphasis on matching the handler closely to the task and in delivering superior ergonomics to mitigate the potential for any workplace injuries.  We supply products from basic pallet jacks to customized lifting and manipulation equipment.  Check out the following examples of interesting material handling approaches that reduce the need for manpower by increasing productivity in any handling task.


  • Electric and Hydraulic Lifters –  come in a variety of formats and applications. We offer products from Presto-Lifts and Vestil Manufacturing.  They include Stackers, Scissor Lifts, Container Tilters, Palletizers, Pallet Trucks, Box Dumpers, Hand Winch Lift Trucks and Post Lift Tables.  In addition to the many standard sizes and capacities, custom applications can be addressed.
  • Loading Dock Equipment – Loading docks can be busy, fast moving places.  They can also be dangerous with rapid movement and directional changes by fork lifts and other handling equipment.  Prodockle25ducts to increase safety and productivity on loading docks include dock levelers, ramps, trailer stabilizing jacks, wheel chocks, barriers and guards, etc.  See our range of loading dock products here.
  • Pallet Jacks – One of the most basic pieces of handling equipment in any facility is the pallet jack.  While they can be very basic and simple, pallet jacks can also be highly specializedpallet13 with integrated scales, center wheels to spin within their own length, side-push jacks, adapted for carrying rolls, powered electric version and more. Take time when selecting a pallet jack to make sure you get the features and functions that will best facilitate your loads and plant traffic.  This link will take you to 18 different pallet jack styles.jib-hc
  • Gantry and Jib Cranes – Cranes have been used by man since ancient times, and there are a great many kinds.  In factory settings, the two most common types are the Gantry and the JibBoth types are available in a variety of sizes and can be fixed or mobile.   We offer a good range of crane solutions for both types from Vestil Manufacturing Jib and Gantry Cranes.
  • Carts and Trucks – We like the fully welded line of carts available from Jamco Products.  Their durability is unsurpassed, andXT they offer the widest range of carts from a single manufacturer that we have found.  Products built to order ship in about 2 weeks and their  “qwik ship” program makes available from stock most styles of carts in popular sizes and colors.  In addition to powder coated steel, Jamco also has an impressive line of stainless steel carts, platforms, cabinets and stands.  Jamco’s all welded construction is extra heavy duty with heavier gage metal than others. Jamco products are all made in the USA and will outlast and out-perform bolt together and lighter gauge welded products.
  • Bins and Totes –  One of the simplest but most effective means to handle, store and organizeAkro Mils Various Bin Presentation1 materials are bins and totes.  While the basic design for these hard working containers has not changed in years, durability has increased thanks to material science and there are more sizes and colors than ever before, including clear versions.  Bins and totes easily integrate into cabinets, bin racks, shelving and panels.  They are also designed to mate with a variety of carts and dollies for easy transportation through your facility. 
  • Drum Handling – Large drums of material are unwieldy and heavy and vidmar-stak-hazmatoften contain toxic or corrosive materials.  Extreme caution must be exercised when handling drums as the consequence of a rupture or spill can be grave.  Our drum handling products will provide you with the tools you need to insure safe handling of drums and dispensing of liquid contents. Spill pallets are also essential items when drums contents are being extracted.  For facilities that deal in large number of drums,  the Hazmat STAK System by Stanley-Vidmar  is designed specifically for the storage, staging, and retrieval of 55-gallon hazardous material drums. The system gets your drums off the floor and into their own dedicated storage system—without having to use a conventional forklift.