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Go up, not out!  Mezzanine systems are a cost effective way to essentially double your floor space without adding on to your building.   Mezzanines can be freestanding, providing an open area beneath except for column placements,  orMezzanine with conveyor supported by shelving or cabinets which provide both the support structure and a means for modular storage.  Mezzanines can be multi-story and are generally reconfigurable if your needs change.  A mezzanine can be installed in any building with a 15 foot high ceiling or greater. Tax law often favors accelerated depreciation of mezzanines as compared to building structures.


Mezzanines can serve many purposes in addition to providing storage space.  They are a good place for additional office space, expanding assembly operations, for personnel use such as inplant7smcafeterias or lockers, for records storage, as a work platform to maintain large plant equipment, are ideal for supporting conveyor systems in distribution centers, great for in-plant maintenance shops to name a few.  Mezzanine systems can be installed inside manufacturing and processing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, office buildings, industrial plants, hospitals, automotive dealerships, universities, government facilities and more.


BarJoist-216x160Free standing mezzanines offer tremendous design flexibility and are fast and economical to build. They are characterized by a full floor that provides a wide open expanse for the chosen activity.  There are various structural options such as C-Channel, Bar Joist, or Food Grade, depending on your application. There are a variety of floor decking options such as high density wood composites, concrete, steel grating, steel plate and plywood. Decks can further be finished using conventional flooring materials such as carpet, etc.  Free standing mezzanines also may include optional gates, ladders and a range of stair designs.


We partner with the leader in free standing Mezzanines, Cubic Designs.  With over 25 years in the industry, Cubic Designs is the only mezzanine manufacturer in the USA that is a certified member of the American Institute of Steel Construction.  AISC Certification sets the quality standard for the steel industry and is the most recognized national quality certification program for the structural steel industry. Companies like Cubic Designs that are AISC Certified have been through a rigorous evaluation, and are subject to annual reviews. As an AISC member, Cubic Designs has access to technical support in design and fabrication.

Shelf/Cabinet supported mezzanines are popular when modular shelf and drawer storage organization both below and above the mezzanine is desired. The purpose of these systems is to increase the density of modular drawer cabinets within vidmar-maxi-mezzaninethe same footprint. The advantages of modular drawer storage for superior space savings and organization are well known, and stacking them in a compact system such as this will shrink the space you need for storage of parts dramatically and reduce the time needed to store and retrieve parts.


For shelf/cabinet supported mezzanines, we offer two basic approaches; the “MiniMezz” and the “MaxiMezz”. Both systems are configured using Stanley Vidmar  or Lista International cabinets.

gallery-mezzanine-8Our “Mini’Mezz” systems requires no walkway or grating system and consists of two rows of back-to-back storage cabinets at floor level and an additional row of cabinets stacked on the first.  Stairs lead to a walking deck installed on top of one of the rows of lower cabinets to provide access to a second level of cabinets.   Safety railings provide security when walking on the top of the lower level. There is no clear space under a MiniMezz as the entire footprint consists of storage cabinets.


Our “MaxiMezz” systems consist of modular storage cabinets with an intermediate shelf cabinet between the top and bottom cabinets.  Alternatively our Storage Walls stacked two-high into gallery-mezzanine-4rows can also be used in place of cabinets. “MaxiMezz” systems include a walkway support system, grating, stairs, and railings, and can be configured in a number of layouts.


If you’re tight on space, look into the potential for one of our mezzanine systems to quickly and economically provide you with the additional capacity required to achieve your production and efficiency goals.