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Motorized Vertical Carousels save space, time and money while improving worker safety


Boxes combined with stackable bins in this motorized vertical carousel

High efficiencies in space utilization and parts storage and retrieval are possible using vertical motorized carousels.  Many operations have high ceilings that offer tremendous vertical space that often goes unused.   Parts stored on various levels of open shelving consume large amounts of space and are often inefficient to store and retrieve.


By employing a motorized carousel, discreet parts, tires, rolls of material or wire spools can be effectively stored and retrieved at the touch of a button.   Time is saved when foot steps are saved by having the parts come to the operator.  Workplace injuries are reduced when lifting and bending to retrieve parts is eliminated.  Inventory accuracy and picking times are improved when parts are contained and logically organized  Unauthorized access to items stored in the carousel can be prevented through the use of a security keypad which increases accountability and reduces inventory shrinkage.


Motorized Vertical Carousels by Stanley-Vidmar are available in a range of pre-configured sizes and can also be custom configured to fit unique space requirements.  Far less costly than a typical building expansion, vertical carousels will pay for themselves rapidly, and will keep paying dividends for years to come.

Motorized Vertical Carousel

Heavy tires are easily handled and neatly organized