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Home Office

freedomrail_midnight-live_officeAt one time, a home office was rare and reserved for those who conducted business from their home or routinely brought work home from the office.  These days, it seems that every household needs some kind of office space just to administer the routine issues of our complex lives.  There is also a large and growing number of “work from home” positions and an explosion of home based businesses.

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We can provide you with a home office solution for any space you have available, be it a separate room dedicated to an office or a small nook in a kitchen, under a stair case, as part of a  family room – even in a closet! Your home office can be as simple or elaborate as your needs, tastes or budget dictate.

Students can also benefit from a well planned study space in their bedroom or other area separate from the commotion of daily family life.  A dedicated portion of a bedroom or even a reach-in closet can be converted for this purpose.  High-strength components and durable finishes combine to make our student study centers “kid tough” and will stand years of use and abuse.

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