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Pallet and Cantilever Racks

thCA7EKA9JPallet and Cantilever Racks are products found in virtually every production, storage or distribution facility.  They are high strength, low cost and can be adjusted if need be.  There are many manufacturers of pallet and cantilever racks, and many different styles. When possible, standardizing on a single manufacturer and standard beam widths will make it easier to reconfigure your racks with a minimum of on site inventory. In our opinion, “Tear Drop” style racks are the easiest and quickest to install and adjust since it eliminates the need for nuts and bolts and the Tear Drop design tends not to jam and the connectors less susceptible to damage. Pallet rack systems are generally broken down into five categories, depending on how they will be used:


  • Selective Pallet Rackingthe best solution for warehouses that need to store palletized products with a wide range of SKUs.
  • Drive Through Pallet Rackingideal for like products with low levels of turnover and a high number of pallets per article type.
  • Push Back Pallet Rackingan accumulative storage system that allows up to four pallets deep to be stored per level.thCANLB2WJ
  • Pallet Flow Pallet Rackingthis type of pallet racking is fitted with a slightly-inclined gravity flow rack which allows the pallets to slide down to the other side at a controlled pace thanks to gravity.
  • Structural Rack this structural pallet racking is made of highly-resistant structural profiles. It is designed for cases which require heavier loads.

We sell and install pallet racks, and we will also remove or install racks not sold by us. Ask us about pallet rack installation services if you have a need.

Cantilever Rack is pretty straight forward. Cantilever Rack is commonly found in places like lumber and pipe yards because it’s ideal for storing long narrow objects. They are comprised of uprights, arms and braces of varying sizes and designed for varying weight capacities.  Arms can be of various lengths and can be flat, or on the case of holding items like pipes that can roll, angled towards the rear.  Braces determine the distance between the uprights and may be horizontal or “X” style when additional lateral stability is required.  Cantilever racks are bolted together and generally do not require reconfiguration once installed.homepage_cantilever1