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Education and Training


Collaborative Learning Workstation

Educational institutions are custom outfitting classrooms, research labs, computer labs, support services, facility maintenance, public spaces and office areas with durable, desks, lockers, versatile storage cabinets, wall storage systems, workbenches and workstations that make use of every inch of available space.

Elo Connect4

Connect Desks cluster 2,4,6 or 8 desks together

Schools are a place for transformation, and classroom furniture should be as flexible and configurable as the learning environment itself. Whether it is Pre-K through 12, Middle and High School, Community colleges to universities or specialty schools for vocational training or art and architecture, we have furnishings and storage aids that make class rooms functional, flexible and versatile.


Rugged butcher block surfaces with integrated power provides space for student projects small and large

Working Space offers a broad line of quality products and complete design and installation services to make the most of the space that you have. Educational furnishings from Wisconsin Bench and Lista International address educational furnishing needs across the entire range of instructional environments.

In schools, looks matter, as well as function. Aesthetically pleasing surroundings can play a vital role in encouraging students, faculty and staff throughout the learning process.  Furnishings that are designed around todays class room storage and learning needs will help make the best use of every precious teaching moment.


Store portfolios and their supplies in this purpose built unit.


This tablet storage cabinet safely and securely stores and protects valuable electronics

Storage in todays learning environments is being transformed as technology in all forms becomes part of the every day learning environment.  Storage for computers and tablets takes the place of printed materials in many cases, whereas, storage for traditional art projects and supplies benefits from storage units specifically designed for this purpose.

Professional Govt UNCW 2527

This laboratory features a mobile experiments bench and heavy duty steel tool storage and wall cabinets

                                                                                    At the vocational, college and university level, classrooms and laboratories become more specialized, even beginning to mimic real world facilities.   Furnishings that will be found in the “real world” also find homes in schools were educators introduce students to the equipment they will find in the workplace, better preparing students for what to expect after graduation.

WCC New1

Mobile tool cabinets service banks of lathes in this vocational training center.


Ventilated lockers on these benches allow heat from computer towers to dissipate while also providing storage area for student belongings