Working Space

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Installation Services

Customer served areaWorking Space is a full service company providing workspace, storage and organization solutions to customers in residential, commercial and professional markets.  We provide full, turnkey services from design through installation for the products we sell, as well as others.


We serve customers from Georgia to Virginia with emphasis on the Coastal Carolinas and associated inland areas.   The map illustrates our customer served area.

We will install your products professionally and safely in the time frame that you expect.   We will coordinate with any other trades that may also be on site and can also act as a general contractor to hire and schedule any other trades that may be required to complete your job.   We will maintain a clean, safe and well organized job site and will respect and follow any specific work rules or safety protocols that may exist at your site.

Working Space has teamed with Guild Quality to survey our customers to understand their satisfaction with our work and to identify any areas where we can do better.  Should you employ our services, we hope that you will thoughtfully respond to the brief survey questions they will pose.

For customers who wish to install products themselves, you won’t be alone.  Our “Do-It-Together” program is a flexible way to tailor installation support to your specific needs.  This may mean providing an on site supervisor to work with your labor, providing written instructions for assembly and installation of products, or simply telephone and email support during the process.

Please view our Installation Gallery to see examples of some of the projects we have undertaken over the years.  We can also assist you with services for products you may have purchased elsewhere, or for dismantling or moving products you already have installed.  Just give us a call at 252.633.3268 or email us at