Working Space

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Tool and Equipment Storage

Flexibility and the ability to reconfigure storage systems is essential to accommodating tools and equipment efficiently.  The ability to sub-divide storage systems to create spaces closely matched to the sizes of the items you need to store is essential to saving space and maintaining order.  Products from Lista International and Stanley-Vidmar provide the foundation for our tool and equipment storage solutions.PKWayne04


Versatile storage systems should have the ability to accommodate different sized drawers, adjustable shelving, roll out trays and organizing accessories.  To take full advantage of the vertical space available, systems should be available in varying heights or able to have units stacked to the desired height.  Storage Wall Systems  by Lista International are the gold standard for high density, high capacity reconfigurable storage.  Available in two different depths and six heights up to 118″, Storage Walls can be fit to into most any space available and maximize its use.


Modular drawer cabinets are customizable in countless combinations.  With 10 basic footprints and heights from 16″ to 64″, cabinet housings can be configured with specific combinations of drawers and drawer accessories that you can determine.  While there are also many pre-configured cabinets to choose from, you have the ability to customize a cabinet for any unique need you may have.vidmar-esd-workstation


When mobility is often important, rolling drawer cabinets and technician series tool boxes are equipped with casters matched to the weight of the loaded cabinet when as well as special mechanisms to prevent drawers from opening during transport. Locking swivel casters anchor the cabinet when you’ve reached your destination.


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