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Durable and Decorative Epoxy Floors

When it comes 4195 solid floor + woodbeamto the residential garage environment, more than anything else, our customers want us to install a decorative epoxy floor for them.  When properly installed, using the right materials, these floors will last a lifetime and look just as good years from now as they did when first installed.  Not to be confused with the sub-standard DIY kits available from the big box stores or off the shelf “epoxies”, our Roll-On-Rock Floor Systems are installed by trained professionals using product fresh from the factory ordered specifically for your job.

Decorative epoxy floors offer a number of benefits.   First, they just look great.  Really great.  Our floors come in dozens of color and decorative flake combinations.  You won’t have any trouble finding a color combination that works for you. They resist staining from all the typical fluids found in a garage like gasoline, oil, solvents, liquid fertilizers and the like.Epoxy Floor Colors2

In many cases, our garages now serve as the entry to our home for family and friends, and a beautiful garage floor certainly enhances the welcoming experience.  If you spend any time in your garage pursuing some hobby or interest, they are extremely easy to clean and keep clean.  Having said they, they tend to not show dirt that easily, so you don’t have to be fixated on cleaning them.  Speaking of maintenance, other than the occasional mopping, our floors are maintenance free.  We install it, and you just enjoy it.  These floors will not only “WOW” your visitors, but are a really nice feature to have should you ever want to sell your home.IMG_4664-1

For those who take pride in their vehicles, a Roll-On-Rock floor from Working Space will help show them off.  Turn your garage into a showroom for all your toys.  Given the investment that a vehicle can be, your floor will be there for what you own today and what you may acquire in the future.phoca_thumb_l_epoxy garage flooring 0109

IMG_3698-1Our high build floors have a warm feel to them, and in fact, actually offer some insulating value so they feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  And they are pleasant to walk on.  In a typical 2 car garage, 50 – 75 pounds of decorative flake is applied to the floor before the clear top coats.  This results in a “high build” floor finish that also offers some ergonomic benefits over a simple, painted floor.

As people upgrade “the largest room in the house”, they are also using the garage for more purposes, including party space.  Many of our customers who we have installed floors and generally have upgraded their garage space now use that large space for entertaining.  Why not?  Lots of room for plenty of guests, connected directly to the outdoors and easy to clean.   When thinking about your garage makeover, do what most folks do – begin with a quality floor upgrade.phoca_thumb_l_1charcoal and legs at workbench