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Retractable Screens, Shades and Awnings

Enclosed_Porch_ScreensComfort and convenience can be yours with a retractable screen, shade or awning from Working Space.  Whether you are trying to create shade when the sun is unwanted or keep pests from entering your living space, retractable systems can be deployed when needed and retracted when not.  Motorized systems also create that “WOW” factor in your home or business.  It’s always fun to watch the looks on your guests faces when a screen magically appears just when you need it or an awning retracts by itself when the wind gets a little too blustery.



Retractable screens can be sized for openings of various sizes, up to 25 feet in length and heights up to 20 feet!  Our screens are manufactured in the USA by Rainier Shade Systems and Stoett Manufacturing, both excellent companies. Designed and built to withstand the elements, retractable screens provide several benefits.

thumbs_project-3-4While most people think of screens for the purposes of keeping bugs out, screens also partially block the sun and the wind and offer a degree of privacy when you want that.  When you think about it, screens are not always needed, but fixed screens are just that -fixed – so they are there all the time whether you want them to be or not. Screened porches can instantly be converted to open entertaining space with the push of a button.  Garage space can be more comfortable to work in, especially in the evenings, with a retractable screen above the door.  Pool side cabanas can be comfortably used night and day when retractable screens are employed in the design.


thumbs_project-2-18When your situation calls only for window shading, our retractable products can be installed on the inside of your windows with attractive fabrics substituted for screen material.  Homes with vaulted ceilings and high windows can have motorized shades mounted high on the wall and operated remotely.  When you are only bothered by the sun during certain times of the year, your shades will be ready whenever you need them.


BLSS_6_outsideIn the case of garage door retractable screens, there are situations where having a door in the screen can be an advantage, especially if there is no standard hinged door from the garage to the outside.   We have a solution for that situation as well!  Our Lifestyle rigid frame retractable screen easily retracts up and out of the way when not in use, hanging just below the existing garage track.  Available with a center retractable passage door or without, there are three different frame color choices (White, Brown and Sandstone) and three different screen options to choose from.


Retractable_Awning_StripesAwnings can be fixed in place or retractable. Our awning products from Rainier are high strength and expertly engineered for years of safe, reliable operation.  Included wind sensors will automatically retract the awning when wind speeds become too high, protecting your investment and providing peace of mind.  With the entire Sunbrella fabric selection to choose from, your awning can perfectly complement your homes color scheme.

7s0v9g35on15ljg3For your standard entry doors, including French and sliding patio doors, we have a retractable screen solution for those areas as well.  The StowAWAY retractable screen eliminates the need for standard screen doors and enhances the style of any door.  When not in use, it glides away into a slim, self protective casing.  The screen canister is powder coated aluminum and the internal components are either stainless steel or thermoplastic for durability in any climate. Available in 12 standard colors, canisters and rails blend with virtually any architectural style and color pallet. If you need a more natural, wood finish, canisters can be laminated with a real wood veneer in oak, mahogany or pine ready for finishing to match your door.   When installing a large format screen on a garage door, the StowAWAY is a perfect complement for the side or rear door, providing for cross ventilation.


For quick and easy access to your garage for cars or people with the flexibility to open either side or the center section, the Garage Aire sliding garage screen door is the answer.  With a heavy duty aluminum4pscl11 A sill, you simply slide the screen to the side and drive right over it.  The low profile track also makes it easy to ride bikes or lawn mowers over it works well for folks with disabilities requiring the use of a wheel chair.  The screen panels are easily lifted out of the tracks for storage or cleaning.   The Garage Aire  can also be constructed to work with garage doors having angled corners.