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School Safety – Cafeteria Tables

Last month, an Alabama 5th-grade student was severely injured in an accident involving a cafeteria table with a missing seat. This is the latest table-related mishap reported recently, including that of a 7-year-old New Jersey boy killed last year by an unsecured, wall-mounted table. The school district in that case is currently being sued for $10 million.

While accidents can happen for any number of reasons, at BioFit, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to protecting the wellbeing of our end-use customers, particularly K-12 students and others who use our cafeteria tables. By their very nature – large and heavy with movable parts, some under torque − cafeteria tables can be extremely dangerous if not properly engineered, with parts and construction techniques critical in helping to prevent injury or worse. Innovations including our exclusive adjustable torsion cap, which helps tables fold easily yet prevents them from opening too quickly, and ABS seat assemblies that are virtually impossible for students to remove, are just two of the ways we build safety into our cafeteria tables. Naturally, regardless of manufacturer, we recommend that facilities personnel regularly inspect the cafeteria tables at their schools.

Adjustable Torsion Prevents Tables From Opening Too Quickly

Adjustable Torsion Prevents Tables From Opening Too Quickly