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Special Offer on Kolver Electric Screwdrivers

kolver in use

Kolver ‘s goal is to offer customers a complete line of torque control products and other ergonomic assembly tools, while providing world-class service and support. KolverUSA’s satisfied customers know that Kolver screwdrivers are reliable and accurate, safe, quiet, powerful, ESD-safe and built to last. Kolver quality will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Through the end of 2016 Kolver is giving away a FREE controller with the purchase of any KBL series or FAB series electric screwdriver! Kolver’s KBL Clutch Control Series DC-Electric Screwdrivers and original Clutch Control Screwdrivers have offered superior performance and value for over 20 years. You can view the full line of products at or call us at 252.633.3268 and we will help you select the products you need.