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Studio Rail Helps Organize and Store Musicians Essentials, Easily Adapts to Changing Requirements

Studio Rail Is Easily Reconfigurable

Studio Rail Is Easily Reconfigurable

Whether in a professional recording studio, a music school practice room or in your home, having essential items at hand for convenience and storing your instrument safely are always concerns. With Studio Rail, musicians and educators alike can customize their rehearsal space to save time and prevent accidents associated with tripping over instruments, cords, water bottles and the like. Studio Rail makes great use of the walls in your practice room to organize your personal space while protecting your valuable instruments and freeing up floor space.


Any instrument that is typically wall hung can be hung on the Studio Rail

Accessories such as instrument hangers, baskets, trays, hooks and more connect with the rail without the need for tools and are easily relocated or removed to suit the needs of each musician.  Unpack your gear and in just a few minutes, arrange it according to your preferences for more efficient practice or jam sessions.  Keep the studio neat and tidy and stop worrying about someone knocking your instrument off a stand.


A Range Of Hooks, Holders, Baskets and Shelves May Be Combined To Create A Space That Meets Your Unique Requirements

Studio Rail comes in 5 designer colors with matching trim.  Each Studio Rail is either 4′ or 8′ long, 15″ tall, and can be joined end to end or stacked one above the other to create a Studio Wall.  The rugged PVC material will not chip or break under even demanding use and is easy to keep clean with a damp cloth.  It is easily installed, either using color matched screws or on the optional invisible fastening system. Not only does it function well, but it adds contemporary style to your space.


Colors include Bright White, Global Pine, Weathered Gray, Rustic Cedar and Dover White.

Adapters are available to allow you to convert most wall mounted instrument holders for use with the Studio Rail.  We will work with you to create a Studio Rail package suited to your needs.  Just call us at 252-633-3268 or email

Adapters enable most brands of wall mount instrument holders to be used with Studio Rail

Adapters enable most brands of wall mount instrument holders to be used with Studio Rail