Working Space

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The best garage floor you can buy…

Imagine having a beautiful, new epoxy garage floor installed in two days and driving on it on the third day. That can be a reality with Roll on Rock revolutionary garage floor epoxy systems. With more than 40,000,000 square feet sold you can rest assured that you are buying a premium garage floor coating that will look great for years to come. And it carries a lifetime warranty when installed by Working Space – your area dealer for Roll on Rock for over nine years.  Roll on Rock can make this unprecedented guarantee because this proprietary epoxy “wicks” deep into the concrete, creating a bond that is 3 times stronger than ordinary epoxy or polyaspartic systems over concrete. In fact, this revolutionary system will withstand at least 8 pounds of moisture vapor emissions (MVE) pressure, while others fail at 3 pounds. With temperatures beginning to dip though, you are running out of time to get your floor installed this year.  Call us today at 252-633-3268 to see these floors in action in our showroom – open by appointment only.

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