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Tool Rooms

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Tool Rooms or Tool Cribs are the nerve center of many manufacturing operations.  Tool rooms often need to store a myriad of items from very small to very large, and they need to be easy to find and retrieve when needed.

gallery-c2-7Being able to accurately maintain inventory records also depends on the ability to organize and count it quickly and accurately.  Full extension drawers that are sub-dividable into various size compartments speed and simplify this task.



elevat9Tool rooms are often also the storage place for specialty jigs, fixtures, die sets and the like. Depending on the industry, these items can be odd shaped, very heavy and very expensive to repair gallery-manufacturing-11_0if damaged.  The ability to transfer such items from a storage space to a transfer cart prevent damage and injury.  Ergonomics become increasingly important, and extra care must be taken to avoid injury due to awkward bending or lifting.


Roller ShelvesAs production equipment and processes change over time, tool room storage also needs top be able to be reconfigured to adapt to these changing needs.  This requires the ability to move and customize drawers within the system, the ability to add and relocate adjustable shelving and the availability of other specialty storage and handling devises such as roller shelves for heavy items.


maintenance-storageTime spent standing at an issue counter waiting for a tool or part is time that is not being spent adding value to the product and cutting in to profits.  Not having the right tool at the right time can disrupt a production schedule, as well, compromising delivery performance.


auto3 croppedOn-Wall storage using heavy duty PVC Slotwall makes excellent use of any unused wall space. With hundreds of accessories available, tools or supplies can be organized on a wall where they will be easily visible and easy to organize. Unlike conventional slotwall made from wood products, PVC Slotwall will hold heavy weights without breaking.  PVC will also not deteriorate over time due to heat or humidity, is easy to keep clean and is chemically resistant to most commonly found fluids found in a tool crib.


thCAMTO72XSecurity of the tool room is critical.  Each item going in to or out of the tool room must be documented and only people with proper authorization should check items in or out. Therefore, security at the room level, cabinet level, and perhaps, even drawer level must be considered.


The following products support Tool Room Managers in their efforts to achieve the above stated goals.