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Working Space Is Now An Authorized VIDIR Vertical Storage Solutions Dealer

Working Space is now an authorized dealer for Vidir Vertical Storage Solutions, a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of vertical motorized storage solutions. Their highly versatile line of carousels and related products offers industry solutions for construction, retail, medical, warehouse, government, printing and manufacturing. Take advantage of Vidir’s small footprint, high-volume storage solutions and reclaim your lost vertical space, gain efficiencies and protect employees.

Vidirs wide range of applications include Vertical Lift Modules, BOPOS Carousels, Automated Lockers, Pan Carousels, Tire Carousels, Shelving Carousels, Hospital Bedlifts, Bar Stock Lift Systems, Sheet Metal Lift Systems, Print Cylinder Carousels, Paint Can Carousels.







Lift systems increase your available storage capacity by utilizing the vertical space normally unoccupied by static shelving or storing items on the floor. Floor space reductions up to 85% are achievable. All manner of storage and retrieval tasks are simplified. Increases in the effectiveness of order processing are realized through a combination of quick retrieval times and increased picking accuracy. Systems enable smart, adaptable inventory management to maximize density and further increase productivity. From raw materials to finished goods to equipment, there’s a Vidir storage solution for most any application.



Employees benefit from retrieving materials at ergonomically acceptable heights and enjoy a reduction in unnecessary bending, walking, and other haphazard retrieval techniques such as ladders and cherry pickers. This increases workplace health and safety, moral and overall productivity.