Working Space

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Having some dedicated space in your home or garage to work on household projects and to store tools and supplies is always useful.  For the more serious enthusiasts, a full blown workshop oriented around your hobbies and interests can be in the garage, some other dedicated space within the home or in another building altogether. Schervish-Garage-glass-doors-001 Most people find that a combination of cabinets, on wall storage and workbench space with adequate lighting combine to make tackling simple household maintenance tasks or more ambitious projects much more enjoyable and efficient.  Workshop space does not have to be boring, either.  Striking color paletts for cabinets and wall organization panels do not have to be reserved only for the main living spaces in your home.  Now your workshop area can be just as attractive while doing a great job of keeping you organized and efficient. We like the durability and feature rich designs of Redline Garage Gear products for garage cabinet and workbench applications.  The incredibly tough and attractive wall organizing panels by StoreWALL allow you to hang just about anything on a wall and rearrange at will without the need for tools. Water proof, bug proof, mold and mildew resistant, these panels won’t warp, break or chip while being easy to clean and accepting hundreds of accessories from dozens of manufacturers.  Specialty Cabinets add utility to workshop space, helping you get organized and stay organized while a wide range of  accessories help keep tools and supplies at hand and easy to find.  Material storage can be achieved using over head racks or on-wall shelves or other supports.For the truly serious hobbyist, consider industrial workbench and storage solutions from Lista International or Stanley Vidmar, two industry leading modular storage and workspace companies whose names you may know for their major presence in commercial enterprises across many industries. DSC06212